January 6 - 8, 2017
Ramada Plaza Louisville, KY

Friday 7:45 – 9:00 PM (Class 1, Part 1) and Saturday 9:00– 10:15 AM (Class 1, Part 2)

Mountain Dulcimer
Dave Haas B Learn how to hold, tune, strum, and fret the dulcimer, as well as read dulcimer tab, play backup chords and participate in a jam session – all while learning great songs you already know! Add the “big finish” to complete the experience! DAD
Molly McCormack B/I Playing and Singing Old Time Songs! In this repertoire class we will learn to play a variety of great old-timey songs, and carry on the age-old tradition of singing as you play. Singers who do not play and players who do not sing are welcome in this fun class!
Aaron O'Rourke I Creative Accompaniment – A good back-up player can make the difference between a mediocre jam, duet or ensemble and one that really grooves. We’ll explore methods for making ANY jam or ensemble sound better with some “outside the box” approaches to back up.
Stephen Seifert I/A Riffs, Runs & Licks! Steve will show you exactly how to add one and two measure riffs to any tune.
Sarah Morgan A Rearranging Traditional Folk Music. Be a part of the “folk process” by creating your own interpretation of familiar folk songs and tunes. In the first half, Sarah will share her process on how to breathe new life into these ancient melodies. Second half, we’ll put this knowledge to practical use by revamping a fiddle tune, then a song. Tip: Knowing the basics of chords and where to find them will be helpful for this class.
Hammered Dulcimer
Rick Thum B Finding Your Way Around the Dulcimer. Make sense of it all! Basic beginning skills will be taught in this fun class including tunes and embellishments. Rental instruments and loaners are available on a first come basis.
Pam Bowman B/I- I Chords & Enhancement. Chords – Finding Them & Using Them. Let’s take a look at chords – from a couple of different angles. They can help your playing, not just the main three changes in a key, but also the relative minor and the #2 chord….what is that you say? Let’s find out!
Dan Landrum I/A Patterns! We’ll learn patterns that allow you to play pop tunes. Dan will include sheet music with a variety of basic patterns which we’ll apply to a couple of familiar tunes, Norwegian Wood and Eleanor Rigby, so you can make your own arrangement.
Penny Whistle
Guy George B - B/I Take this class and go home a pennywhistle player! Or it can be the perfect review if you haven’t played in awhile. Everything you ever wanted to know about this fun little instrument, plus some wonderful whistle tunes, tips and tricks to get you on your way to becoming fluent on the whistle! Guy will have some great sounding “D” whistles available for sale if you don’t have an instrument.
Sharrie George B Uke From the Ground Up! Never played the ukulele? Now’s your chance! Start with the basics or review if it’s been a while since you played, and learn some tunes and strums on this fun, little instrument. We appreciate and encourage singing, but it’s optional.
Danny Shepherd B/I- I Old Time Ukulele Jam Tunes. This is a uke class for those already playing F, C, and G7 chords. You’ll learn more chords, songs, strums, styles, fingerpicking, scales, and melody reading. We’ll learn simple versions of familiar jam tunes using both chords and melody. TAB

Saturday 10:45 AM (Class 2, Part 1) – 12:00 PM and 1:30 – 2:45 PM (Class 2, Part 2)

Mountain Dulcimer
Sarah Morgan B & Up Paper-Free Playing! Tired of being tied to your tab book? The goal of this class is to help you become a more intuitive, independent musician. We’ll learn a variety of ear training exercises that will help develop your aural skills. Then, we’ll learn a tune (or two, as time allows) by ear. A recording device will come in handy as this class is not tablature based.
Gary Sager B/I Let’s Waltz! We’ll learn several beautiful waltzes and the techniques that make them flow. - FULL
Dave Haas B/I- I Dulcimer Duets. Learn favorite tunes with two parts that enrich each other with harmonies, counter melodies, and movement. Learn left and right hand techniques to facilitate smooth playing. Improve listening skills, counting, and playing with others. DAD
Stephen Seifert I Good Habits for Old Cowboys. Using a number of cowboy songs, we’ll work through good strumming and fretting techniques.
Aaron O'Rourke A Improvisation Techniques. We’ll learn a few simple rules that will help you play “off the cuff” with confidence. We’ll also work on ways to incorporate bluesy notes into just about anything you play.
Hammered Dulcimer
Dan Landrum B The Art of the Drone. We will use familiar melodies like Ode to Joy and Simple Gifts to explore this most basic, important, and often overlooked playing style.
Rick Thum B/I Jam Tunes! Learn the most common and favorite jam tunes. We’ll play “Whiskey Before Breakfast”, “Liberty”, and others as time allows.
Pam Bowman I Hammered Hymns. Have you ever learned a “lick” on the dulcimer and then wondered how to use it in an arrangement? In this session we will learn two hymn arrangements that have several types of embellishments within their framework to give them beauty and pizzazz – as well as take a good look at these embellishments!
Guy George I/A Playing With and Around the Melody! Learn how to add notes to the melody, creating embellishments, fills, harmonies and your own style. We’ll work with some simple tunes, but you are encouraged to bring a tune that you are working on and you can apply what you are learning to your own music!
Sharrie George B/I & Up Strum-a-Thon! Learn and practice different strums with some ukulele favorite tunes, from Shuffle to Calypso to muted and special rhythms. Learn how to create your own rhythm sound while having fun working on different styles of music!
Danny Shepherd All Folk Percussion. Play some fun percussion instruments and improve your rhythm skills. You’ll play spoons, washboard, body percussion, Bodhran (Irish drum), and other interesting instruments. We’ll play along with a variety of musical styles. I will provide spoons, washboards, and Bodhrans. You are welcome to bring your own percussion instruments as well.

Saturday 3:00 (Class 3, Part 1) – 4:15 PM and Sunday 10:45 AM – Noon (Class 3, Part 2)

Mountain Dulcimer
Molly McCormack B - B/I Sweet Lullabies! For beginning or just past beginning players – we’ll learn some easy and sweet tunes to play for your little ones. We’ll learn both familiar and unique tunes and simple back-up for singing.
Stephen Seifert B/I Essential Jam Tunes! We’ll get the good ones going in this fun class. We’ll also cover both learning and playing techniques.
Danny Shepherd B/I- I Mountain Dulcimer Carter Style. Sing some Carter Family songs and learn dulcimer techniques that can be used to accompany yourself. We will work on picking and strumming, bass lines, and add some instrumental harmony to your vocals.
Aaron O'Rourke B/I & Up Banjo-esque Patterns on Mountain Dulcimer. We’ll look at picking patterns that imitate a clawhammer banjo player and apply them to tunes you already know on mountain dulcimer. These patterns work equally as well on Banjammer!
Sarah Morgan I Old-Time Fiddle Tunes from Eastern Kentucky. Sarah will share some unique and fun old-time tunes that are from the eastern mountains of Kentucky. We’ll be discussing the mountain dulcimer’s role in old-time music and how to add rhythmic drive and variation to these tunes. Be ready to explore other tunings beside DAD.
Dave Haas I/A - A Jigs and Reels and Slides, Oh, My! Bring your four-leaf clover and add some wonderful Celtic tunes to your repertoire. Learn left and right hand techniques to facilitate smooth playing of both slow and fast tunes. Jigs, reels, slides and airs will be covered. DAD
Hammered Dulcimer
Pam Bowman B Treasures of The Trade! From the beginning, please! We will go through a 10 point checklist of items to bring to the learning forefront when starting out on the hammered dulcimer. Tuning, hammering, markers, playing, drills, learning tunes, chording, keys, embellishing and handling mistakes. We will also put these “points” into practice including learning a couple of beginning tunes.
Guy George B/I- I Back-up Methods, Tried and True! Learn simple chord patterns and then variations to change up and spice up your “regular” back-up. (If you don’t play back-up yet, you’ll get basics and then some!) We’ll learn how to add a “blues feel” and when to use it to add even more variety to your playing!
Rick Thum I/A Free Embellishments. Learn what they are and how to do them. This will take your fiddle tunes to a new level. It will also make your music more interesting.
Dan Landrum A Chording in the Valleys. We’ll work on playing and discovering beautiful four note chords with single hammer strikes. This is accomplished by playing in the valleys, rather than near the bridge caps. Dan will teach you an easy original piece, “Entertaining the Fish”, that makes great use of this technique. If time allows, we’ll take a look at how this technique allows for playing what is called “around the circle”, commonly used in jazz progressions. Sheet music will be provided.
Sharrie George All Uke Orchestra! A great way to learn ukulele arrangements with a different part for your level of playing, from just beyond beginner to more experienced players who can play melody using uke tab or music notation. Expand your skills and take home tunes to share with your uke group!

Sunday 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM (Class 4)

Mountain Dulcimer
Dave Haas B/I Beautiful Melodies. Learn to play slow and pretty melodies by plucking the notes (with pick or fingers) one note at a time! Learn left and right hand techniques to facilitate smooth playing. Add this wonderful technique to slow songs you already know. You’ll need a capo and a smile! - FULL
Aaron O'Rourke I Scottish Bagpipe Tunes! We’ll work through a handful of traditional tunes that get played frequently among Scottish bagpipers. Along the way we’ll discuss ornaments used by pipers and how we can imitate that on dulcimer. Bring a capo.
Gary Sager I - I/A Old Time Tune Repertoire. We’ll learn a number of old timey tunes that have lasted through generations and are still as much loved today as they were long ago. Playing techniques will also be covered.
Stephen Seifert A Flatpicking Repertoire & Techniques. Lots of flat-picked fiddle tunes done up right!
Hammered Dulcimer
Rick Thum B - B/I Clarify What You’ve Learned! Everything you didn’t learn or want to see again. Let’s clarify your weekend and move on!
Dan Landrum All Hammer Control Workshop. Bring your problem hammers and the arms that control them. We’ll try and convince those arms to let your wrists and fingers do the work!
Pam Bowman I/A Bluegrass On The Hammered Dulcimer! Learn a Bluegrassy tune that will keep your hammers (and interest) flying! Salt Creek is a great tune you will enjoy playing. If time allows, we’ll learn variations within the parts (A & B)
Danny Shepherd I/A This Ukulele class is for those already playing songs in several keys. You’ll learn more chords, songs, fancy strums, styles, accompaniment patterns, moveable chord forms, and simple chord melodies.
Sharrie George
Guy George
B/I & Up Learn tunes arranged to play alone or with your HD, PW, and Uke buddies! Crazy learning as we all put our heads together to learn fun tunes, interesting combinations, and great arrangements! You’ll want to stick around for this class! It’s a great way to end the weekend!
Sarah Morgan All Come and be a part of the rich tradition of unaccompanied ballad singing in the southern mountains. In this class you will learn many fascinating ballads as well as the unique vocal techniques and phrasing styles found in this genre of folk music. All songs will be taught by ear, so a recording device will come in handy. Lyrics will be provided.

Definitions of Class Levels


Beginning to “just a little past beginning” players would be best to choose this level. This is for those with no playing experience, or for those who can play just a little but need a lot of help.

B/I Beginning Intermediate to low Intermediate level players should choose this level.  If you can play melody comfortably and some chords and are ready for more technique and songs, jamming, more!
B/I - I

This level is for those “almost” intermediate players starting to explore more difficult techniques and styles.

I This level takes playing to the next level with more advanced techniques and tunes.
I - I/A

High Intermediate Into Advanced. This class is for the more experienced player who is able to play with a variety of tempos as well as dynamics, bringing feeling into their music.

A Advanced. This level is for the advanced player wanting to learn more! Advanced skills and techniques will be taught in these challenging classes.